StartyourIronMan FAQ

How can I purchase an account or request a service?

By joining our discord HERE, and messaging PartyHacks#1208.

How can I trust you?

Check out our feedback on Sythe HERE (link to vouches)

We have over 200 Positive feedback and have donated over $300 to the site!

You can also check out our discord with 100+ users, where previous and current customers like to hang out. Ask them yourself how their experience was with us.

How can I make an account I purchase from you more secure?

I can provide all recovery information upon request for an additional $5.

What is the benefit of Supply Crates from Wintertodt?

Supply crates offer many things. You have a very good chance at getting the pet simply by spending 10 minutes opening the crates. The crates also contain items great for the early game grind of an Ironman mode account, such as the Tome of Fire and Dragon Axe. On Average you will come out with a bank value of 9m of items that will help you skip over the early game grind.

Do accounts purchased through you have a “Bad IP” history that Jagex will track?

All of our accounts are made on separate, clean IP addresses. We have not had a ban since the website launch.

How many employees do you have?

If you join our discord server, you can see on the side panel our current employees. At the moment of making this post, we have 21 employees.

Where is your company based?

StartYourIronman is based in the United States, but has employees in over 10 different countries.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

PayPal, OSRS currency, and most Cryptocurrencies.

Have A Question Not Listed Here?

Contact me directly on discord!

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